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Biden to Extend Freeze on Student Loan Payments Until Jan. 31

Many people have been financially struggling as a result of COVID-19, including students across the United States. President Biden has placed a freeze on student loan payments, that was supposed to expire at the end of September. However, the Education Department said those benefits will now continue until January 31,…
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What You Need to Know About Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Orange County

There are many myths surrounding the bankruptcy process. Debtors are often unaware of the various options available to them. Many U.S. bankruptcy laws enable debtors to eliminate their debt and find financial relief. The Law Office of Michael D. Pinsky, P.C. can help you determine if Chapter 13 will best…
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What to Expect From an Initial Consultation with a Bankruptcy Attorney

Filing for bankruptcy can be a stressful process. But, knowing what to expect can make the process much easier. Additionally, it is important to work with an attorney you trust. Once you choose the right attorney, one of the first steps of the process is an initial consultation. This is…
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Beginning the Bankruptcy Process in New York

Deciding to file for bankruptcy can be a very difficult decision, and it is not something that should be taken lightly. But, once you decide to file, you may find yourself wondering where to begin. Read on to learn more about the process and how to file. What are the…
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