How to File for Bankruptcy? | What to Know

You have likely heard the term “bankruptcy.” In fact, you may even be considering filing for bankruptcy. But, for many, the concept is still rather vague. For example, while you may know what bankruptcy is, you might not know how the process works, or how to begin. Read on to learn more about the process of bankruptcy, how to file, and where to find the forms.

Where Can I Find the Forms I Need?

You can find copies of the official bankruptcy forms at In addition to the official forms that every bankruptcy court uses, your local bankruptcy court may require you to file additional forms. Your local bankruptcy court might also have special requirements or rules for filing your petition. As a result, it is important to reach out to a New York attorney who can give you more information regarding filing in your specific area.

How to File the Forms?

If an attorney is representing you in your case, he or she will prepare the necessary forms for your review and signature, and then file them electronically with the court. If you are representing yourself, you must file the bankruptcy forms in person at the bankruptcy court.


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