Nobody Wants to see the Dentist or Talk to a Bankruptcy Lawyer

I understand. Contemplating bankruptcy is like contemplating a root canal. Who wants to do that? And just as with the root canal, waiting to learn your rights in bankruptcy makes everything more painful. Be smart; deal with the problem sooner rather than later. Procrastinating in the face of overwhelming debt can be really expensive.

So many people lose valuable assets by this procrastination. Retirement account withdrawals accompanied by up to 40% in total tax, interest and penalties. Loans against the cash value of whole or universal life insurance. Sales of personal property. And yet after these steps, you still have credit card balances or Murphy’s Law comes into play and you have to use the cards again. Please don’t deplete your retirement accounts to pay your high-interest credit cards. The credit card banks don’t need your help. They have already taken some of the excessive interest you’ve paid them over the years and established a reserve to cover non-payment on your accounts. Shed no tears for these mammoth financial institutions. They shed none for you.

With my 30+ years of experience in bankruptcy cases from the simple to the complex, I can help you work your way through this. Call me for a free consultation and learn your rights.

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