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How Can Bankruptcy Affect My Credit Score in New York?

The thought of filing bankruptcy can be overwhelming and stressful. It can also leave you with several questions, including how this will impact your future and credit score. If you are considering bankruptcy and are concerned about your credit score, do not hesitate to contact our experienced New York bankruptcy…
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How Do I Obtain and File Bankruptcy Forms in New York?

Bankruptcy is a term that is often thrown around. However, if you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you may find that it is a more complex concept than you once thought. There are many different steps to this process, beginning with filing bankruptcy forms. Contact our skilled New York bankruptcy…
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What to Know About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in New York

When you are facing overwhelming amounts of debt, you can be left with exuberant amounts of stress and frustration. Luckily, you have options to resolve your debt issues. Contact our experienced New York bankruptcy attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael D. Pinsky, P.C. to help you successfully file for…
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What You Should Know About Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in New York

It is important to note that legal professionals, as well as accountants and financial advisors, might be one of the most important business decisions you can make if you are trying to work out debt or reorganize a small business in bankruptcy. If you are facing debt or would like…
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Biden to Extend Freeze on Student Loan Payments Until Jan. 31

Many people have been financially struggling as a result of COVID-19, including students across the United States. President Biden has placed a freeze on student loan payments, that was supposed to expire at the end of September. However, the Education Department said those benefits will now continue until January 31,…
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What You Need to Know About Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Orange County

There are many myths surrounding the bankruptcy process. Debtors are often unaware of the various options available to them. Many U.S. bankruptcy laws enable debtors to eliminate their debt and find financial relief. The Law Office of Michael D. Pinsky, P.C. can help you determine if Chapter 13 will best…
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