Paralysis: The Cost to You of Doing Nothing About Debt

The bills come in, and you can’t bear to see them. They end up in the trash. Your overtime was cut a few months ago, and that second job hasn’t materialized yet. But it’s okay, things will work out. You are sure that the answer is right around the corner. You keep telling yourself that, right? But what if the light at the end of the tunnel is a gorilla holding a flashlight?

You are worried about that credit score you worked so hard to achieve. And so you keep borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. But at some point, you find that you’ve used up your available credit. You might even forego paying your mortgage this month to try to get those cards current again. Your child’s tuition is coming due, and then there are those car repairs and dental work that you’ve been putting off.

Those bills that went into the trash are followed-up by late notices, then lawyer letters, and finally by lawsuit papers. Maybe you didn’t answer the door to accept service of the lawsuit(s) and didn’t open the mail with second copies of the lawsuit papers inside. You didn’t realize that no further notice to you was required of the default judgments that were taken against you when you failed to appear. And now you have a notice from the Sheriff that your wages are being garnished. Or your bank account has been restrained and checks are bouncing left and right.

Don’t let this happen to you. Learn your rights under the bankruptcy laws. Bankruptcy is scariest when you’re not dealing with your debt issues, not when you are proactive and taking back control of your financial future. Call for a free consultation and take your life back. Together, we can protect you and your family.

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