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I discharged my unsecured debt in chapter 7. Can I now file chapter 13 to deal with secured debt?

A chapter 13 case following-on a chapter 7 case where the debtor received a discharge is called a “chapter 20”.  To be eligible for the second half of the chapter 20, i.e, the chapter 13 case, you have to come within the chapter 13 secured and unsecured debt limits, currently $1,184,200 secured and $417,275 unsecured. Read More

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Supreme Court Establishes Standard for Contempt of the Discharge Injunction

When a successful consumer bankruptcy case has run its course, the Bankruptcy Court issues an Order of Discharge. The discharge does a couple of very important things. It voids the future effect of judgments taken against the debtor prior to bankruptcy (except to the extent that the lien of a judgment has validly attached to Read More

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